Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

Jan 29, 2021

Shopping for your wedding dress is a special experience and us bridal pros at Simply Stunning by Divas, are providing you with tried and true tips to make the process go smoothly! 


Tip 1: 


Take your time - This is a super important decision, so to ensure you have the best dress for you, we recommend starting your journey about 7 months from your wedding date. This will give you time to try on gowns, figure out what you like and don’t like about each one, and get it altered so it fits like a glove. 


Tip 2: 


Find your style - Checkout Pinterest and our website, Simply Stunning by Divas, to see what dresses you like the best. Go ahead and screenshot the images or save them to your wishlist on our website and bring them with you! Knowing for yourself exactly what you like will give you the confidence to have an open conversation with your bridal stylist.


Tip 3:


Book your appointment - This is the fun part! You have given yourself plenty of time to try on the dress, and then try it on again ten more times to ensure it is perfect, you have your Simply Stunning by Divas wishlist ready, now you just have to book your appointment. Having a private appointment gives us time to prep the salon for you and prepare the perfect environment for finding your dream dress. 


Browse our new Spring 2021 bridal collections at Simply Stunning by Divas, or make an appointment at our beautiful bridal boutique in Greensboro, NC to find the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of. What are you waiting for? Your dream dress awaits…