How to: Intimate Wedding

How to: Intimate Wedding


We love an intimate wedding! In fact, small weddings have already been on the rise in the last few years. You may have heard the term ‘micro wedding‘ which we are huge fans of. There are lots of reasons couples choose to go with an intimate wedding. 


There’s a lot of value in choosing an intimate wedding. These types of events can feel so much more meaningful and appreciated by guests. This trend toward more guest-focused, experiential weddings is a long time coming. If you are in a position where a large event is just not possible, turn your attention to how you are forming a more meaningful connection with the special people who are invited. If you think about it in terms of either saving money or getting everything on your wishlist, that will also help make the best of the situation! 


Below, we’ve laid out some guidelines to help you plan an intimate wedding — as well as a few examples of bridal gowns to choose from! 



Plan Ahead of Time


The first thing to remember is that an intimate wedding doesn't have to be planned in a day. It's still time to make some decisions and check off some to-do's. The calendars for 2023 are probably going to fill up fast. Make sure that's at the top of your list, then figure out what else to do.


If you're going to DIY anything - start early! Keep yourself ahead to give yourself some breathing room as the day approaches since projects tend to take more time and resources than you think.


Invest in a Wedding Coordinator


You shouldn't try to wrangle your loved ones for an intimate wedding. A day-of coordinator is essential if you don't have a planner. You won't have to answer texts with last-minute questions while getting your makeup done, and they'll be able to move people around if needed.


Keep Your Guest List Short


Here's the gut-wrenching part if you dreamed of a big wedding. Intimate weddings are under 75 guests, but there may be restrictions depending on where you live and when you're getting married. Fortunately, under the circumstances, people don't feel left out as much, so if you're worried about hurt feelings, don't be.


Keeping your inner circle of family and friends involved is the best way to slim down your guest list. You should surround yourself with people who make you feel loved, comfortable, and supported. Once you've made your list, think about the benefits! Your guest count is the biggest factor affecting your budget. You can spend a little more per person if there are fewer people, and you can spend more on nicer food, rentals, favors, premium alcohol, and perhaps more money on things that matter to you, such as a great photographer or that designer dress.


Make It Your Own


You can put more thought into the details when you have a small wedding. You can make guests feel special by personalizing a welcome gift and/or favor. Think outside the box here. Your guests will feel appreciated and special if you provide them with things like welcome bags, entertainment, babysitting, or more interactive elements like performers or live music.


Wear What You Want


When it comes to small weddings, "do what you want" is forever our mantra. Wear anything that feels right to you - pantsuits, ball gowns, or both! A blush bridal gown, something embroidered, something bold and black, or a classic princess-like gown are all possibilities. We love the idea of switching it up with a fun jumpsuit like this one from Justin Alexander:




STYLE #11225


Or a chic, lace gown like this from Blue by Enzoani:




You can even opt for a romantic boho-chic dress from Lillian West that feels special yet not too fussy:




STYLE #66230


Make Your Must-Haves a Priority


You can stretch your budget further when your guest list is smaller. Spend some time with your partner to decide where to splurge! Book your photographer crush, or go big on flowers! Hire live musicians or amplify the cocktails. Make your guests and yourself feel special.


Skip the Stuff You Don’t Care About


You might just be the perfect candidate for a short and sweet ceremony! Don't include traditions if you don't want to. If you want to make your wedding very personal, an intimate wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so!


Traditions aside, certain expenses may not make sense. Consider asking yourselves if you really need or if it's just something you're expected to do if you see a significant chunk of your budget going somewhere you don't find exciting.


Make an After-Party Plan


After the party, it's time for the silent disco, late-night snacks, and karaoke! Adding a little cherry to the celebration is always a great way to surprise guests. Consider a s'mores bar, a food truck, pizza, or some games if you still have money left in the budget! You need to make it true to yourself and something your guests will love - and then keep the party going!


Keep In Mind What Matters


Celebrate your love with your family and friends. In the end, it's all about love here and that's what it's all about. Breathe through it all and make the moments count. Weddings are celebrations of beautiful relationships. Whatever comes your way, you'll always have each other!


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