Dress Shape Diary

As women begin their journey to find the perfect wedding dress, a lot come in unsure what silhouette they may want or what different dress shapes even mean. While you can easily find a wedding dress without knowing all the ins and outs of silhouettes (after all, that’s our job!), sometimes it helps to have an idea of what you may like or may want to try on before you come in for your appointment. To help get you started, we’re breaking down a few of the most popular dress shapes!


Ball Gown

Belle by Justin Alexander



Often, the first shape women think of when they think of wedding dresses is the ball gown. Ball gowns are known for their classic, princess-like shape, and often the dresses do have a very feminine, princess-like feel. Ball gowns are fitted above the waist and flare out into a full skirt, making a bold statement. This dress shape is flattering on everyone, and great for brides who want to feel like they are floating on their wedding day.




2445 by Casablanca



Like the ball gown, A-line dresses flare from the waist. The key difference is the fullness of the skirt: while A-line dresses are full, they do not make near the statement ball gowns do. This shape is likely what your grandma wore, and has been around as a staple in bridal fashion for years for good reason: the classic shape makes you look slimmer, can make petite brides appear taller, and looks amazing on every body type. This shape is also extremely versatile, adapting well to boho styles and modern simplicity with ease.




1330 by Martina Liana



Just as classic as the A-line, the biggest difference in a sheath dress is that the skirt does not flare out at all, simply flowing from the waist to the floor. If you’re not a fan of a full skirt but don’t want something fitted, this is the shape you’re looking for. For brides who want something simple, chic, elegant, and figure flattering, this shape is perfect. Though dropping simply, sheath dresses can still have trains (like this stunning Martina Liana dress pictured above), but look just as amazing without them.




66151 by Lillian West



If you want something with a bit of drama, you’ll love the mermaid silhouette. The bodice remains fitted through the thigh, while the skirt flares from the knee to create stunning curves that flatter your figure. If you want to highlight your hips, this shape is perfect. This shape also has the feel of old Hollywood glamour, and is great for brides who want something timeless yet showstopping. Often, these dresses have trains, and if you’re looking for an elegant statement, a mermaid dress with a lace train might be perfect for your wedding. 

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