Bridal Accessories

Mar 01, 2021

After you finally find your perfect dress, you get to begin to think about how you’ll style it on the day of your wedding. There are countless ways to accessorize your wedding dress, and each can completely change the feel of your dress. When deciding how to accessorize your dress, it’s important to consider what makes you feel most beautiful and what fits your vision for your wedding best. Whether you want something subtle and chic or glamorous and glittering, here are some of our inspiration ideas for accessorizing your wedding dress. 



The first accessory that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about bridal fashion is the veil. If you want a veil, consider what look you want: an elbow-length, angel cut veil will give you that classic bridal look, while a lace-trimmed chapel length veil will give you that dreamy, ethereal boho look. Depending on what type of wedding you’re planning, you’ll want to choose a veil that not only suits your dress but suits the look of your wedding. 



Looking to add a touch of elegance to your bridal look? The simplest way to elevate your look is with a pair of earrings. Depending on the earring shape you choose, you can choose how much sparkle you want to add. A classic stud earring will just give a subtle hint, while a drop earring like this one will add much more sparkle to the look. We especially love that this earring has a hint of color—if you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate your favorite color (or your something blue!), an earring is the perfect place to do it. 



Many brides don’t consider this accessory off the bat, but we think it’s a fun way to add a little bit of glitter to your look. If you surprised yourself by choosing a simple dress when you’re usually a girl who loves some sparkle, think about adding a belt to your dress—belts like this simple design add the perfect amount of sparkle to an otherwise fairly simple dress. Belts can vary in size, meaning you can go as big and glittery or simple and understated as you want. 



Depending on the neckline and bodice of your dress, you may want to add a necklace. We love how this bride complimented the square neckline of her dress with this simple pearl satellite necklace, adding a touch of elegance to her look. Depending on your dress, adding a necklace could be the perfect way to add detail and emphasize the neckline beautifully. 


Hair Combs

Feel like your dress itself has enough gorgeous detail, but want to add a bit extra to your veil? A hair comb or tiara can create a beautiful compliment and add vintage flair or a regal air to your dress. We love the way this bride placed hers above her veil to create the illusion that they are one. If you’re planning on an updo, consider a hair accessory to complete your look. 

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