Alterations to Customize Your Dress

Alterations to Customize Your Dress. Mobile Image

Mar 30, 2021

When brides think of alterations, they often assume it’s just making sure the dress fits perfectly. And while that’s definitely a major part of what we do, we can also customize your dress to better suit your style. You always have the option of further customizing your dress once you’ve picked it! To help give you an idea of what types of things you can add and change about your dress, here are some ideas of what we can do to make your dress perfectly yours!



Change Your Neckline


Baldwin by Justin Alexander



One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your dress is by altering your neckline! This is usually a fairly easy process, using either mesh or lace. If you chose a dress you wish was more modest, adding fabric to your neckline is a great way to make you happier with the look. Similarly, if you found your dress but wish the neckline was a bit flirtier, you can remove fabric and open it up a bit.



Add Sleeves


1335 by Martina Liana



If you found a dress you love but wish had sleeves (maybe you’re having a winter wedding, or just don’t love the straps...who knows!), you can always add sleeves. Anything from a thin, beaded spaghetti strap to a full long sleeve is an option, and can completely transform the look of your dress!



...Or Remove Them


Roger by Wtoo by Watters



Maybe rather than adding sleeves, you wish your dress didn’t have them. Removing sleeves can take a long sleeve dress from winter to spring easily, and is an easy change to make if you’re looking to make your dress better suited for warmer weather or destination weddings.





44255 by Justin Alexander Sincerity



Wishing your dress had a bit more sparkle? Adding beading, lace, or other embellishments can take your dress to the next level. Something as simple as a belt can elevate your dress’s look, adding the touch of glamour you were looking for!


We love when brides decide to customize their gowns! Keeping alteration options in mind while shopping expands the possibilities and the dresses you can choose from. Still looking for the perfect wedding dress? Book an appointment and come see us at Simply Stunning by Divas!